Imagine watching the sun set over Berawa Beach right from the comfort of your room, or while lounging by our rooftop pool & bar. Nestled in Berawa, Canggu, the pulsating heart of Bali's trendiest neighbourhood, Secana Beachtown isn't just redefining beachfront living; it's elevating it.

More than just a luxury Berawa Beach resort in Bali, Secana Beachtown epitomises the concept of a Lifestyle Residence. Each of our sophisticated villas and loft-style apartments in Bali seamlessly integrates the allure of a beachside lifestyle, making them the pinnacle of luxury on Indonesia's most desired coastline. Experience a blend of style, comfort, and unmatched luxury, only at our premier Bali resort.

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Welcome to Secana Beachtown, where every day feels like a harmonious blend of a Bali hotel resort experience and the coveted Berawa Beach lifestyle. Welcome to your new standard of living.

Berawa Beach, nestled in Bali, is not just a beach but an emblem of the island's iconic beachside charm. Frequented by both locals and globetrotters, this dynamic enclave with myriad entertainment, activity, and dining options offers an enviable lifestyle that epitomizes the blend of urban and coastal lifestyles.


Loft-apartment in Bali that does not compromise comfort, class or style.

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Unearth luxurious Canggu lifestyle with our 2 bedroom villa with private pool.

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Footsteps from Berawa Beach, with private pool & ocean view.

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Luxurious, massive, and just a few footsteps away from Berawa Beach. With access to private pool & rooftop pool.

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  • 2 Bedroom Villa
  • 3 Bedroom Villa
  • 4 Bedroom Villa

Health & Wellness

Secana Beachtown, an esteemed Berawa Beach resort, represents contemporary luxury, seamlessly merging top-tier convenience with a dedicated emphasis on well-being. Acknowledging that genuine contentment is deeply rooted in health and wellness, we offer an unrivaled resort in Bali experience within our vibrant residential community. Central to our wellness philosophy is the Saya Club, a purpose-built health and wellness retreat. Residents can take advantage of a state-of-the-art gym, a rejuvenating centre, a conducive co-working space designed for productivity, and tranquil rooftop pools that mirror the essence of a premier Bali resort.

Dining at Secana Beachtown

At Secana Beachtown, your palate embarks on a gastronomic journey unique to our resort in Bali. From sunrise to sunset, discover a world of culinary delights that blend local flavors with global inspirations. Our dedicated hosts are ever-ready to tailor your dining experiences for momentous celebrations or just to elevate an ordinary day. Savour exquisite sushi against the backdrop of a golden sunset at Attiko Sunset Bar & Sushi, elevate your dining experience at the iconic à la Folie Rooftop Restaurant, or indulge in casual bites amidst the cozy ambiance of Beachtown Grocer & Cafe. Experience the essence of a luxury Bali resort with every bite at Secana Beachtown.

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Stay at Bali Beach Lifestyle Residence & Resort

At our distinguished Berawa Beach resort, you'll discover a world where the rhythmic dance of ocean waves harmonises with the gentle rustle of palm-fringed shores. Secana Beachtown isn't just a resort in Bali; it's a beacon for those seeking an iconic beach lifestyle. As you immerse yourself in our travellers and expats community in Canggu, Bali, you're not just finding a home; you're embracing a lifestyle adorned with endless possibilities. Experience first-hand what our unparalleled Bali resort beachside living has in store for you, and let the horizon be the only limit to your dreams.

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